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Wedding Decorations

Wedding and Commitment Services


Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Preparing for your special day can be exciting and stressful. Sisters of the Sacred LLC are here to support you in your journey. We offer a variety of packages to help fit your spiritual needs.

Pre-interviews are required for all wedding and commitment services. During this interview we want to make sure you receive the proper attention and detail to accommodate your individual requirements.

Choose one of the packages that best fits your needs. If you would like to an additional service to one of our pre-arranged items, please express that in your pre-interview and service agreement.

To schedule your pre-interview with us or have any inquiries click the button below. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Sacred Space & Energy Clearing Package

Sisters of the sacred will create a space for you and your guests that sets the tone of the ceremony. Creating this energetic space can give you an overwhelming feeling of unconditional love. Some people have experienced an emotion that is hard to put into words but know it just felt uplifting and positive. The Sisters of the Sacred will  This ceremony will be done prior to the wedding ceremony. 

  • Pre - interview with couple (via Zoom)

  • Sacred space. - $350

  • Energy clearing - $250

Total - $600

Officiant Package

Haven't found an officiant yet? Three of our Sacred Sisters can help you form the ceremony of your dreams. Each sister has their own unique style and are excited to work with you. Click on their names to see which one fits best your vision and personality.

  • Pre - interview with couple (via Zoom)

  • Customized Ceremony with one of our ministers , Rev. Wanda Conboy, Rev. Ashley Oppon, and Rev. Ellen Rochedieu - $350

  • Traditional or Customized Ceremony

  • Notary

  • Create sacred space - $275   Save $75​

Duration - Time varies depending on couple.

Total - $625

Couples Healing Package

Experience a shamanic healing ceremony individually and then together as a couple. Our goal is to help you and your partner grow and strengthen as individuals and as a united pair on a deeper soul level. 


  • Pre - interview with couple (via Zoom)

  • Create sacred space

  • Individual healing + couple healing

  • Shared messages from Spirit

Duration - 4 hours

Total -$700

Home and Land Blessing Package

The home is a place where you spend most of your time together. A place where you feel safe, able to nurture each other, and maybe even expand your family. Prepare the start of your life together with beautiful customized intentions for you, your partner, family, home.

  • Pre - interview with couple (via Zoom)

  • Create sacred space

  • Customized home blessing

  • Shared messages from home and land spirits

  • Home and land blessing

Duration - Varies depending on the size of home.​

Total - $500

Wedding/Commitment Package

For an all-embracing and affordable experience we have an all inclusive signature package. This will give you everything that you need to spiritually and energetically prepare for your upcoming celebration, ensure your ceremonial space is energetically cleared and protected, and an officiant to customize your ceremony.

  • Pre - interview with couple (via Zoom)

  • Sacred Space

  • Energy Clearing

  • Officiant

  • Couples Healing

  • Home  and land blessing

Total - $3,000 

Discounted Rate - $2,500

Add - Ons

Sacred Space - $350

Energy clearings of guests  w/sacred smoke and/or sacred water - $250

Officiant - $350

Couple healings - $700

Home and land blessing - $500

Terms and Conditions

To view all terms and conditions please click here

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