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Terms and Conditions

Sisters of the Sacred LLC are delighted that you have chosen us to be a part of your sacred event or healing ceremony. We are looking forward to making memories with you!

These terms and conditions form the agreement between the person(s) making the booking (“you” or “client”) and Sisters of the Sacred LLC. The agreement commences when payment of the 50% initial retainer is received, and service agreement is completed and signed. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully prior to making your booking your interview and paying the deposit. If you need clarification with respect to any of the terms or conditions, we would be happy to assist you.


The following payments which you are required to make are as following.

You are required to make the following payments to us under the service agreement  (such payments which are referred to collectively as Amounts Paid):

Initial Retainer: An initial retainer of 50% is required for all services (excluding End of Life Transitions) 72 hours after pre-interview. This deposit is for the purpose of holding the date of your event or service.  All initial retainers are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Final Retainer: The final retainer is the balance of the outstanding amount that is due payable to Sisters of the Sacred LLC under the service agreement. In order for your service to proceed, your Final Retainer must be received on time.

  • Final Retainer is due 10 days prior to your wedding or commitment service.

  • Final Retainer is due day of Individual or Group Healing Ceremony or Customized Ceremony  

Cancellations & Refunds

All services are non-transferable.

In the event of a cancellation Initial Retainer is non-refundable. If you cancel your event or ceremony less than 72 hours prior to your booked date you will forfeit All Amounts Paid. Notice of Cancellation of any service booking must be made in writing and received by Sisters of the Sacred LLC.


If the need arises to reschedule your event/ceremony date or time for any reason, Sisters of the Sacred LLC must be notified in writing at least 30 days prior to the event/healing ceremony in order for earlier paid amounts to be applicable to the postponed date or time. In the case of emergencies where a change of event date is less than 30 days, Sisters of the Sacred must be notified in writing and a secondary call will be scheduled.


If a service is delayed for more than 60 minutes past the originally retained start time due to foreseen or unforeseen events, an added fee of $150 beyond agreed price will be charged. However, if the delay becomes excessive and it’s perceived that it could conceivably cause a schedule disruption to the wedding officiant or to her impending appointments, the officiant reserves the right to postpone the event to a later time or date.  Rescheduling charges may also be incurred.

Inclement Weather

Weather is unpredictable throughout the year in the greater New Jersey area, but principally during the wintertime. Nevertheless, we cannot provide refunds for a cancellation due to inclement weather.


For services scheduled on the day of your wedding or commitment ceremony, as an available option to cancellation, you may postpone the event for up to 7 days, and all paid amounts received, if possible, will be applied to the rearranged date if we are notified of your intentions to postpone in a timely manner. Be advised, though, that the venue you originally contracted for may not be available. Moreover, additional rescheduling fees may also be incurred. 

Henceforth you give Sisters of the Sacred LLC  permission to confirm details (ie. access areas, start and finish times, setup and pack down, etc.)  with secondary contacts, whom are listed in service agreement, leading up to event date. 

Henceforth you give Sisters of the Sacred LLC permission to use your event photos supplied by yourself or your suppliers e.g. photographers, videographers etc, for use on social media and advertising purposes. We will never sell-on your information to third parties.

If photography or videography services are acquired, we reserve the right to use the original photos or videos or reproductions of such for display or promotional purposes.


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