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Meet the Sisters of the Sacred

Wanda's practice is a mix of Shamanism, Reiki, Espiritismo, Santeria, Hoodoo and working with the sacred. YES, all of these can work together. There is good in all things and belief systems. Her motto is that it is up to us and our moral compasses to decide which path we will walk and the mark we will leave on this world.

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Ashley Oppon is the Owner and Shamanic Practitioner at Sankofa Healing Sanctuary. Through her work with Shamanic Healing, Tarot and Lenormand, Ashley helps people find solutions to their issues and live their best lives now. She also makes spiritual products such as baths, incenses, and other artisanal products. When she’s not working with the sacred, you can find her gardening, crafting and working as an oncology nurse

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Kirsten de la Torre
Unfold Your Wings, LLC

With a strong relationship with Spirit, Kirsten believes that bringing balance and healing to others is her soul purpose. She is experienced in sound healing with a focus in Himalayan sound tools and gong. By walking a shamanic path Kirsten incorporates Spirit’s guidance and messages with her sound bath events. The guides that work through Kirsten are the Orishas, the Egyptians, and the Celtic Tuatha de Danann.

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Dr. Rebecca Vicente
Spirit of Hathor LLC

Did you know that spirituality and mental health are closely related? If you have any questions about the spirit and mental relationship you Rebecca is your source. She is not only an accomplished shamanic practitioner but also a psychotherapist with a rich background in trauma and grief recovery with various populations and communities including LGBTQIA+, women, children, adolescents and couples.

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Ellen Rochedieu
Blue Rose Healing Ways

Ellen enjoys watching her clients transform their lives into their dreams. Her self journey consists of multiple converging paths that has led a beautiful and authentic expression of healing and heart-felt connection she shares with others. Ellen serves the Divine Source through a healing style that is dynamic, compassionate, and empowered love.

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Anna Lynette Kelly
The Soul Messenger

Anna Lynette is dedicated to the service of Spirit. As the Soul Messenger, she is committed to strengthening the connection and communication between our Mechanism (body and mental) with our Soul (our Spirit - the Essence and our unique connection to Divine Consciousness). If the current self has a weak connection to your Soul, then so does Spirit and all the wonderful gifts the Divine Realm shares. Her intention is for everyone to develop a consistent and continual connection with their inner Divinity.

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