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A family moving in a house

Home Blessings and Clearings

The space you call "home" (an apartment, studio, house, or estate) is a safe haven where our family and friends can come together and enjoy each other's company. It's a place where memories are made and treasured. Home is where we are comfortable in being ourselves and feeling a sense of belonging. 

Read the contents below for more information about this service.

Why would I need this service?

There are a number of reasons why one would utilize this kind of service. Here are some examples.


  • You have moved into a new home and would like to celebrate this new chapter in your life by clearing any residual energies of the previous owner(s) and welcoming new blessings and intentions through a customized ceremony.

  • Your home feels "off" or "not right." Walking around the home you may have felt cold spots or have seen apparitions. Items appear to have been moved or missing. There has been a drastic change in character in you or someone you live with. In all actuality you believe your home might be haunted.

  • You understand the history of the property you live on. Land can carry the trauma it has experienced (ie. automobile accidents, wars, homicide, fires, and mass deaths from extreme weather.) Unhealed land can be experienced by uneasy feelings and repeated visual ghostly scenarios.

  • You are having a difficult time selling your home. Clearing the energies of the home and land with a customized ceremony to welcome new owners that are right for the home.

Details of Service

Depending on the size of your home and intended goals, the duration of this service will vary. A mandatory  interview with at least 1 of the Sisters is required to clearly understand your goals. All tools for ceremony will be provided by Sisters of the Sacred LLC unless specified.  Below you will find what your service may include:

  • Creation of Sacred Space

  • Customized home blessing

  • Clearing of residual and unwanted energies

  • Psychopomp or the crossing over of trapped spirits

  • Land healing ceremony

  • Shared messages from home and land spirits

  • Recommendations on how to continuously keep your home feeling safe, and comfortable



Rates  and fees vary due to location, size of home, land, and intended goals of service. Please contact Sisters of the Sacred to schedule a meeting to so we may formulate a service agreement.

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