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End of Life Transition

One thing in life that is certain is death.  It is the biggest altering event in our that we ever experience or remember. Death provokes a multitude emotions and thoughts for the dying person as well as the family and friends they will leave behind.


Our certified death doula's believe that death work is love at work. During this transitional time in our life, a person's passing should be respected and approached with gentleness, love and care.

After our loved one passes from this life it is of equal importance that our own healing continues, a process that has been jumpstarted by caring for the dying.

Please review our services  below to help guide and support you and your loved ones during this time of transition. To properly assist  you with your needs, our death doulas require a 30 minute consultation. Click the button below to contact Sisters of the Sacred LLC for inquiries to book your 30 minute consultation, payment information, and for children under 18 yrs of age.


Living Will Planning

Referrals to estate planners, accountants, lawyers, etc

Notary Services (in NJ only)

Funeral Planning

Green Burial Planning 

Working with Funeral Homes 


Care for the Dying 

Home Visits

Legacy Projects

Spiritual Support

Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) Advocacy

Family Education


Post Transition

Grief Support and References

Funeral Celebrant

Plan Funeral

Virtual Memorial Planning

Home Vigils

Witness Cremations (where allowed)


Advocacy and Education

Green and Natural Funerals

Home Funerals

Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) Advocacy

Death and Dying Trainings


Pregnancy Loss

Stillborn, Miscarriage and Abortion

Resources, consolidation, referrals and connections

Remembrance Projects

Nursery Clean Out (storage, selling, and/or donation)

Virtual Mourning Support 

Aftercare Instructions

Check in post procedure (if allowed by facility)

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