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Discover Sisters of the Sacred

A high-energy, intense, and beautiful healing experience.

The Sisters of the Sacred are a dedicated group of shamanic healers who provide highly customized, boutique healing experiences for each and every client. The Sisters share our gifts through ceremonies, in the creation of sacred space for special events and life milestones, and by providing tailored healing services that are unique to the needs of each client and experience. 

Through their connection to Spirit, each Sister shares a different, deep healing experience as part of their medicine gifts to the world. Individually, healing experiences with a Sister are amazing and life shifting. And after years of working, growing and evolving together, the  Sisters of the Sacred have created a beautiful, powerful symmetry and style that brings healing experiences to a new level. 

Quite simply, when combined, the Sisters rock the house, creating an energetic healing experience that exists in the profound. 

The Sisters of the Sacred Services

Sacred Space for Special Events: The Shaman Sisters channel the healing and clearing forces that create Sacred space for special events like weddings, showers, birthdays, ceremonies, and new homes.

Energetic Clearing: Energetic clearings can be to clear your path forward or to heal the path behind you. Clearings are opportunities for

weddings, divorces, birth preparations, end of life preparations, new beginnings - like adoption and work transitions, removing old ties - like conscious uncoupling and healing from old relationships.

Death Doula and End of Life Celebrants: Several of the Sisters of the Sacred provide Death Doula services that help individuals honor the process of death while celebrating life. The Sisters provide spiritual and psychological support for families and individuals before and after death.

Spiritual Counseling and Healing ServicesAll of the Sisters of the Sacred have years, decades of experience in providing spiritual and healing services to those in need. Highly specialized to the client's needs and driven by Spirit, the Sisters provide individual and group healing opportunities for those seeking to heal, evolve, and grow within their lives.

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”


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